Monday, October 19, 2009

A Case of the Mondays...

This weekend I prepared for a congratulations/ surprise/ I love you party, celebrating my husband's first day of the police academy, leading to a weekend long attempt to clean the apartment. The living room, kitchen and guest bedroom were clean, but I definitely did not use our bedroom to throw everything that did not have a place. Including the two cats, the litter box, and everything from piles and piles of clean and dirty laundry, boxes, and school stuff.
When my sweet little niece asked me where the kitties were and if she could go and see them, I would never tell her, "Oh they are in the bedroom. But they are really tired and sleeping!" Which really meant, NOOOO! Please don't open that door! Not me! Not Aunt Katie!
After a fantastic, and may I add successful, surprise party I definitely put every dish and trash away in it's place. I would never hide the last two pieces of cookie cake in the oven on a baking sheet until the next day. Not me! My kitchen is always spotless...
On a chilly Monday morning, 5:20 came way too soon. After hitting the snooze and contemplating getting out of bed to shower the cold breeze from the open window and the warm comforter changed my mind. I did not talk myself out of a shower due to the fact that today was Hats Off to Being Drug Free day at school, allowing my adorable Life is Good hat to cover my day old hair do. I NEVER trade in a shower for 45 extra minutes of sleep! :/
While reading MckMama's Not Me Monday post, the words sounded all too familiar to my Monday evening..... Trying to be the Stepford wife that I am, I turned on my oven to pre heat for my friend Betty Crocker's pre made chicken pasta then returning to the couch to finish Oprah. No, I did not forget about the baking sheet of cookie cake holding one of our knifes with the plastic handle on the bottom shelf of the oven!!!! The putrid smell of burning plastic and over cooked cookie cake interrupted Oprah's BFF Nate Berkus. Needless to say we are down one steak knife and I will need to find another dessert for this week. Things like this NEVER happen to me!
Now my oven did not look as bad as MckMama's, but I did take comfort in the fact that this did in fact happen to someone else, and on the same day.... this was a bad case of a NOT ME MONDAY! I feel you MckMama! :)
Tuesday has never sounded so nice!

Monday, October 12, 2009

FALLing in Love <3

This year I have fallen in love with Fall... Here are a few reasons why I am loving it this year.

Fall is... opening the windows (FINALLY!) The Texas heat means very few days of the year that we can turn off the air conditioning. For almost the past two weeks straight we have been able to leave our porch door open and let the breeze fill our apartment. I absolutely love that we have a pretty big wrap around porch with a screen door in our apartment. Which now is filled with patio furniture, due to the seester moving out of her apartment. Funny story about the screen door: One night when Tom and I got home from work we opened the sliding glass door and Kali, our dog, ran right into the screen door which was still closed. It was funny... she hid her head under the bed that night because she was so embarrassed.

Fall is... keeping the husband happy with all things PUMPKIN! Pumpkin custard, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie... I have never met one person who loves fall this much because it means pumpkin season is here. I love him! I have found some amazing pumpkin spice candles following The Nester's advice, adding candles to your home and lighting them EVERY night! (I love her by the way...) One day after feeling like a was neglecting my husband having only PB& J sandwiches for dinner I went to the store to get some lemon pepper for our salmon, green bean and pasta dinner. I was so excited when I found....

I had one ecstatic husband when he walked in the door after a rainy day at work on the golf course and found dinner on the table and this delight in the freezer. And one thing I have realized very quickly in our (almost) seven months of marriage is...


Fall is.... snuggling! I love curling up under a blanket with the husband. Again, Texas leaves little time where you can stand within a foot of another person without radiating heat. If anyone knows our kitty Tucker, you know he is not a snuggler. But this weekend he found himself a new favorite spot... snuggling with the husband. Needless to say I am a little bit jealous but found the manly bonding quite cute! Tom finds it where he can in an apartment full of females.

Fall is... amazing weekends with family and friends! As the holiday season grows closer am I reminded how thankful I am for living so close to good family and friends. After a long week with the Kindergartners I have never been so grateful for the weekends and enjoy every second of them. Last weekend Tom and I got to see the Texas A&M .vs. Arkansas football game in the new Cowboys Stadium, "Jerry World!" It was amazing. (My good camera is at school, I will add pics later.) Even though the Aggie lost, I still had an amazing time with Tom and his old work friends.

This weekend our friend Jenna flew in from East Texas for a long weekend. It was so good to see her. We didn't let the rain stop our shopping spree. I have fallen in love with the holiday scents from Bath and Body Works, and they are having AMAZING sales. Now our bathroom soaps match the fall theme. Love it. Saturday night we had a girls night at Blue Goose! I am very sad to say that we did not take ONE picture while she was here :( I have

Fall is... the first day of the Arlington Police Academy for the husband! This time next week Tom will have completed his first day of the Academy! We had a bit of a deja vu from the summer but God is was faithful and all is well. I could not be more excited for him... he is going to do great! I have a little surprise for him on his first day, so check back next week for the surprise.

Yes, it is official.. I have FALLen in love with Fall. Next comes the Christmas music!!!! My one true love, it's a bit early for that. I guess the new Michael Buble CD will hold me over until then. Happy Fall Y'all! :)