Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

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I have been feeling blah with the blogging lately and have had a hard time finding the time/energy to do it. Even though I read others' blogs all the time. (My mom even gave me a "what the heck?" today, so I thought I would try something new to see if it would get me back in the mood. I am linking up with one of my favorite bloggers {lauren elizabeth} for my first High Five for Friday.

1. Uncle Nick was in town this past week and we got to celebrate his trip, along with my mother in laws birthday sans Baby Brynn. An even bigger plus, TC didn't have to work. We indulged with mexican beer and sangria swirl margaritas to celebrate a night out. 

2. Brynn cut her first tooth this past week! FINALLY... I feel like she's been teething since she was 3 months old. Her new nickname is SNAGGLE TOOTH. Everything is making its way into her mouth, even more than before. Mama's necklaces are her new fav.

3. When your spouse works the midnight shift and you're a night owl sometimes the texts get crazy. Come on, not like that... TC and I have been battling with who can find the funniest pictures. I LOVE someecards! They are so funny. This one took the cake that night! Oh so true... 

4. This past week was National Ice Cream Day! WHAT?!?! I think I need to start researching these obscure holiday more often. I'm sure we could celebrate something everyday. I felt a bit jipped when I found this out the day AFTER. Too bad, so sad... we still celebrated in Braum's FroYo Breeze Fashion just a day late.

5. Brynn Marie is on the move. Crawling and pulling up on EVERYTHING! Here she is shopping for fabric with Mama and her Nana. I can't believe she is big enough for this. 

So happy it's Friday! Hopefully this gets me out of my blogging funk. Happy Day Friends!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Brynn's 6&7 Month Favorites

This little mama has been on the move for the past 2 months. Sitting up was just the beginning and now Brynn is on the move and busier than ever. Summer came at the perfect time, our play sessions are so much fun and it makes me sad when she has to nap... usually because this mean I need to clean or do laundry. {But I can usually be found relaxing on the couch}

Here are some of our favorite things lately...
One of Brynn's favorite toys is the Bert and Ernie Double Fun Giggle Ball. One of my AH-Mazing sister in laws has passed down a slew of toys and this was one of them. It's kind of creepy if you ask me but Brynn loves it! You press down on their mouths and it giggles and spins. The fluffy hair can be found between her little fingers and she smiles so big when the creepy laughter begins. 

At first I didn't know what to think about this book, I Love You Stinky Face. The teacher in me wasn't too fond of the "name calling" title, but after reading the words I fell in love with it and it has become one of Brynn's favs as well. The mom in the story talks about unconditionally loving her baby, no matter what. Perfect!

We have become a bunch of pool hoppers! Between Nana, Memaw and friends' community pools this Foaming Sunblock has become an essential in the diaper bag. The foam is SO much easier to lather on rather than the spray, which only startles a baby.... I mean come on. I adore the smell of a greasy, sunscreened baby.

Nana bought Brynn this awesome pool floatie. The adjustable shade is perfect for the Texas sun. Brynn will sit in it for a bit before wanting out to dip and spin in the water. She is constantly trying to chew the front part of the float which only leads to a face full of water. Silly girl. 

Only a few days before Brynn started crawling she began reaching and pulling up in her crib. After lowering the crib we quickly went and bought this Fisher Price Activity Table. We were able to skip playing on the floor and this has become her FAVORITE toy. And.... it's bilingual! :) This mama can be found humming, whistling and singing the songs even after Brynn is asleep.

How cute is this Finger  Puppet Book?!? Our Aunt MB sent this {among other goodies} for Brynn around Mother's Day. I pulled it out last week and watched my little girl squeal with delight when we read the book and I moved the piggies. Best part... the little piggie has cookies-not roast beef! :) 

I really didn't know how to feel about Pack 'N' Plays until this month. In desperation to clean before a Summer BBQ we were hosting we busted out this hand me down. With Brynn scooting and crawling all over I needed a few moments in the kitchen. We fill it will her favorite toys and see will play to her hearts content {well for maybe 20 minutes}. This also came in handy on vacation and acted as her crib.