Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama as a way to share imperfections and short comings in a fun and transparent way! Join in the fun on Mondays at www.mycharmingkids.net and find out what other women have not been doing this week!

I decided yesterday to pass on this fun blog carnival "Not Me Monday!" But I did not wait until Tuesday to complete purposely created to be completed on Monday! Not me!

After sitting in two days worth of inservice meetings full of TAKS information and scores I did not come home and go out to eat sushi with my husband instead of working on my endless list of things to do before school starts on MONDAY! And now I am not watching an hour long episode of Big Brother...Not me!

One thing I promise I did not do is come home yesterday and tell my husband, "Can I please not make dinner for you tonight...?" I definitely did not do this! I always have a week long dinner plan for us and buy groceries way ahead of time.... (:

While breaking the Stepford Wife mold, I also am not so focused on the upcoming school year that I have ignored the dishes in the sink, the pile of clean clothes now wrinkled on the bedroom floor and my poor husband who only wishes for a home cooked meal.

Instead of being so excited for my first year as a teacher I SWEAR I am not scared out of my mind about a room full of Kindergartners and the parents who come a long with them. I will not be spending my last weekend of freedom up at the school because my husband is going out of town. I would like to tell you that my classroom is completely ready for the students to walk in on the first day but I will not lie to you.

Happy "Not Me Monday/ Tuesday!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day as a Grown Up...

Today is officially my first day of work as a Kindergarten teacher... although I have been working many, many hours in my classroom and going to every workshop I can, my contract states this is the first day! I have been so busy and too nervous for it to hit me- I am a grown up now! I have a real job. It gives me this giddy/ throw up nervous feeling in my stomach!

I cannot wait for next Monday to see those kiddos' faces when they walk in! Hopefully not too many of them will be crying and clinging to their parents' legs.... now all I have to do is get passed one more week of in service meetings, "Meet the Teacher Night" on Friday and the school year will begin!

I have waited my whole life to be a teacher and God has blessed me with a position in a great district, in an amazing school and with the BEST principal! I was up way too early with excitement, but I got to see the sunrise- today will be a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I am stealing this idea from my sweet southern belle of a friend so I am dedicating this blog post to her. With a kind heart and gentle spirit she is a great friend and for those same reasons she is going to be an even better mother. Tom and I could not be more excited for our friends, The Heatons. So here's to an (almost) Wordless Wednesday and the great news I received yesterday... a baby Vern is on the way! :)

I love you Vern!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My good friend Wendy got engaged this past weekend to her boyfriend Daniel! Tom and I got the chance to meet Daniel when they came to our wedding when Wendy was in our house party. I could not be more excited for them both. On Friday night the girls and I through a surprise engagement party for the newly engaged couple at the O'Steen's new house. After some pretty creative story telling we got them there and we all had an amazing time. It was a great night with some good friends to celebrate the love of Wendy and Daniel.

The Newly Engaged Couple!!

Our group is growing

Melanie and Gavin with sweet baby McKennah!
It was so much fun catching up with friends. I cannot believe how long we have known each other. The next day me and Mandi got to go with Wendy to try on wedding dresses! It was so much fun. I cannot wait until next July for the wedding.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hello Blogging World...

I have a confession to make...
I have had this blog set up for almost a year now. I had every intention to begin writing to keep our family and friends in the "wedding loop" and up to date with our wedding planning.
(Confession #2) I am super anal and a perfectionist when it comes to all things creative and I wanted to find a cute layout and could not find one I liked. Such a silly girl thing.
(Confession #3) I have a problem with following through with things like this; journals, diaries, etc. I always wanted to be one of those insightful people who writes down everything and I so wish I could because I am quite forgetful. I cannot tell you the number of diaries and journals I have with only two entries. And those two entries are at least three months apart. Therefore if history were to repeat itself the Hruskocy blog would have been an epic fail.
But here it goes I am facing my fears... The Hruskocys OFFICIALLY have a blog! Hello blogging world!

Tom and I got married March 21st and have almost been married 5 months. Everyone tells you that the first year of marriage is the hardest... I just could not bring myself to believe this. In these past five months Tom and I have had some of the best times of our lives and had our world turned upside down. It has been hard, but I could not imagine going through it with anyone else. I feel blessed to have married my best friend and to give and receive unconditional love.

After a slight change of plans Tom and I moved back from College Station and are living in Lewisville. We moved into our own apartment in the beginning of July and absolutely love it. We are so excited to have a place of our own to call home. The second bedroom that I dreamed of turning into an amazing office/ scrap booking room and Tom dreamed of turning into the ultimate "Man Cave" with all his A&M paraphernalia quickly transformed into the guest/pet room. It is cram packed with a full size bed, a large dog kennel for Kali and the cats litter box. That's our life... none the less it is our first home together.

Each day brings along its trials and hardships but it is only for a season. We are learning to trust that God's timing is perfect and most times worth the struggle and wait. We are blessed beyond belief with each other's love, our family and amazing friends. I love my husband and I love being a wife... and all the duties that come along with the title.

Blog number one down.... now let's just hope the next one comes before Christmas!