Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tom & Kate + Baby H :)

Last weekend Mr. H and I hosted my birthday celebration BBQ for the inlaws and my family. It was the perfect opportunity with the entire family together to announce that.......

We are expecting!!!! Our first little bean will be making his/her debut in November 2011.

We could not be more surprised and excited! Mommy and Daddy to be...

It was so fun to see our families' reactions when we pulled out a clothesline of onsies from a Victoria's Secret bag. Not quite what they expected... eh?!? :)

Here is the Auntie to Be :) She had kept this big secret for 3 long weeks before we told the rest of the family. I cannot wait to add one more little nugget to our girls nights on Fridays!

Needless to say there has been a lot going on.. We are so excited about the changes and looking forward to the next 7 months full of hormone rollercoasters and bulging bellies... I cannot wait!

I guess I will have a lot more to blog about. Love our Little Baby H! :)

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