Sunday, April 5, 2015

Zoey Ann {One Month}

Zoey Ann, 
You have rocked our world in so many ways and we couldn't love you more. 
Having you here with us completes our family of 4. Your sweet button nose is the spitting image of your sister's but you definitely have your own fiery personality with the red hair to match it.
You've had a rough go in your first month on the earth; jaundice & acid reflux, where you have had PLENTY of chances to prove that you have a WICKED set of lungs on you. 
You are going to be one tough girl with a lot of determination. 
We have prayed for you and God is using you to teach me so much about perseverance & unconditional love. I have learned so much in this short month; about balance & to focus on what is truly important. As hard as these days may seem I know they are fleeting so I am holding onto every moment with a tight hold. 

I love you so much Red! 


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Sometimes you take a step back and haven't blogged since your first born's first birthday...
Sometimes that quiet first born turns into a non stop chatterbox & steals your heart everyday...

Sometimes in said hiatus you get pregnant & have a second daughter... 

{Hello sweet Zoey Ann} 

Sometimes God throws you a curve ball and everything you thought you knew about parenthood is different the 2nd time around... {thank you God for grace and allowing us to start new each day} 

Sometimes you fall in love with your husband ALL OVER AGAIN watching him dote on your daughters... y'all he seriously adores them. 

Yes... life is different... but it's oh so crazy beautiful! Here's to trying this blogging thing again :)