Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I don't know what got into me....

maybe it was the rainstorms we've been having,
maybe it's the stench of the dump blowing our way,
maybe it's that the hubby and I have been looking at empty houses thinking of all of the crap we are going to have to move,
maybe it's the Crossfit that's giving me the energy,
maybe it's that my sister and I saw Eclipse today and saw Taylor Lautner with his shirt off,
maybe it's the Rent soundtrack I'm listening to,
maybe it's the fact that Tom and I are running low on undies,
maybe it's that our groomsmen Drew is coming in town this weekend for the 4th and HolyMoly we are having company!!!
or maybe it's just been WAY TOO LONG...

I'm cleaning! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tonight was my first REAL crossfit workout. It was a doozie! I finished, and that was my goal. Everything hurts. My toenails hurt... just kidding.

That is all. Spending every last minute I can with my hunk before he goes back to work tomorrow.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


My "weekend" has begun! My mister is still sleeping but when he wakes up he better get ready... I missed him so much. I have planned to smother him all weekend long! Kali and I just got done watching Fireproof. Have you seen it? Holy Nile River of Tears... It is so good. It made me feel a little guilty about my pity party post last night.

I am so blessed to have a man who loves me everyday, supports me and hugs me when I am crying for no reason at all, takes me to movies because he knows I am obsessed, calls to say he is thinking of me on his way to work last night (but really because he knew I was in a funk and a bit lonely). Yes he is a winner.
So I am done feeling sorry for myself. I am thankful that we both have a job which we enjoy and are passionate about. I am grateful that although our schedules may be polar opposite, I am able to see him everyday. Our previous alternative would have taken him across the planet from me. Can you imagine those emotional, ranting blog posts?

I just heard a rustle from the bedroom... let the smothering begin!!! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Okay I am going to say it... I hate the midnight shift. Does it make me a bad wife to say it out loud? Or in this case typing it? I am a bit lonely tonight. Sorry for the pity party... I miss my husband.

Look at this nerd....
Did I mention I miss him? Tonight is his last shift then he has his "weekend" or his two days off! I am so ready to snuggle with him, in the same bed, at the same time. I am getting caught up on all my TV shows though, which reminds me... we need TiVo. I told myself no sappy chick flicks- instead on the agenda...Death Race. You know the one with the hunky English actor, where the prisoners are able to race for their freedom; either win or die? Nothing like a little violence and explosions to pull a girl out of her funk.

I am venturing to a place foreign to me... the middle of the bed. Kali was pushed to the corner and I am spreading out. Don't know how I feel about it yet. We each have our permanent valleys in the mattress so we will see if the back can handle it. I thought I would stretch out... when in Rome.

Only a few more hours... and the hubby is home and the "weekend" begins. Until then there's death racing, explosions and gore to keep me busy.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lots of Pretties

Now my goal for these lonely nights was to catch up on the piles of laundry in the apartment. Yes, the newness of my washer and dryer has worn off. Laundry is a chore again. I could also clean the apartment, organize the apartment... but now why would I do a thing like that when there is crafting to do?!?

While my officer was sleeping the day away I ran a few errands. Michaels was the first stop and lookie lookie what I found!! Lots of pretties! And all in my Little Piece of Heaven.... the dollar section. I am OBSESSED with dollar section. These ribbons will be used for the Bridal Shower decorations. Each spool for $1! WHOOP!

After getting the bride's approval on the color I purchased my bridesmaid shoes. I am in LOVE! I love my new pumps, pumps. Sorry, a little Friends reference. They are actually really comfy and make me almost as tall as my guy. These will also work into the Bridal Shower theme. Remember the picture from yesterday? Any guesses?
After putting off cleaning and laundry, I also talked myself out of a grocery store run in order to try my hand at these beauties. I have been wanting to try and make these fabric rosettes from a few favorite blogs I have been stalking. I found some cheap quarters of fabric at JoAnns and went to town. They weren't an epic fail, but I'm not too sure about them. I have some cute ideas for these little nuggets, you'll just have to wait and see.
The Bat Cave is lulling me to sleep. Kali is all snuggled in the comforter already, so I need to go claim my side of the bed.

Three blog posts, in the past three days... I must be bored. Tomorrow I will share the story when the hubby and I got lost in New Jersey, in a rental car, with no one to blame but ourselves and Mandy (with a Y) our GPS. No we are not weirdos and name our GPS, it is the voice we chose to use.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Late Night Lemon Tarts

We are on night three of mids. My nights alone have left me plenty of time to catch up on my silly, guilty pleasure reality TV shows without the constant huffing from my hubby. Between the 3 Part Finale of New York Housewives (GEEZ) I am surprised I have had time for anything else.
Although I have had lots of time to think about this... (melt my heart)
I said that when I took the picture. Seriously.
This sweet girl may or may not have started crying soon after.

I have spent countless hours blog stalking for ideas for an upcoming Bridal Shower and Luncheon I am throwing for a sweet friend...the soon to be Mrs. Correa. Here was the inspiration. Invitations are going out this weekend and the theme will be announced. Any guesses? Tomorrow is payday at Hallmark so I will be on the hunt for some crazy colored shoes for her wedding and gathering supplies for the shower while my sweet sleeps the day away.

I am still adjusting to the schedule. This morning my officer walked in the door when I was walking out for a Kindergarten training. It's just weird. Now on the other hand... Kali has adjusted just fine. She's been getting in a lot of extra snuggling time. When we got married, she got demoted to the floor. But Mama's been letting her sleep on the bed with her to fill the empty side (she told me I was her favorite.) Little did I know that Daddy has been letting her sleep on the bed too when they've been napping during the day together.... Traitor. She is such a priss.
I have to tell you a funny story about our couch pillows that I remembered after taking this picture. Our big purchase with our wedding money was our living room furniture. We splurged and still have no regrets. We were so excited when we were able to move it in. An oversized couch and many pretty pillows... Here was the conversation.
Me: Eeeee... (or some kind of excited sound)
Man Friend: "We are will not be laying on these pillows."
Me: "Why not? They're so soft. Why do you say that?"
Man Friend: "Well my mom didn't let us lay on them growing up..."
This conversation made me laugh... well now look who has the privilege of using the couch pillows.

Before Tom left I made a late night Lemon and Blueberry Tart for dessert. Paleo approved! The recipe called for raspberries, which went bad. A berry is a berry. Potato- pototo. It was still delicious.That reminds me... have you ever seen a naked lemon? I had to use my cheese grater to get 2 tsp of lemon rind. A lemon doesn't look the same without its peel. (Note to self: need to get a lemon zester instead of using giant cheese grater- not the same.) Tomorrow is my last day of Crossfit fundamentals. Starting Monday I am able to go to the real (no joke) classes. My stomach is in knots, but I am ready. I love it.
Sorry about the constant changes. I have been messing with the layout and changed the name by request of my officer. No more for a while... maybe. I have 3 and a half more weeks of lonely nights.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An update from the "Bat Cave"

Well, as ugly as our window is... the foam board and tin foil are quite successful. The boarding up of the windows was for my officer and so he could sleep during the day. But I guess it worked for me too.

He walked in the apartment around 7:30 am and I remember opening up my eyes long enough to see him crawl into bed and I was out again. Our room is dark enough that the next time I opened my eyes it was 11:00. If it wasn't for a phone call from my mom, who knows what time I would have woke up.

So bravo man friend!!!! Your ghetto blocking of the sun worked great! :) Love you!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is what I found when I walked into our bedroom after working at Hallmark today. Now to an outsider we may look like crazy fanatics who are so excited for the new Twilight movie, Eclipse that we decided to board up the windows avoiding all sunlight acting like vampires. Well they would have the last part correct. We are trying to avoid all sunlight and make our bedroom a dark cave and I am super stoked about the new Twilight movie, but that is not the reason for the ghetto tin foil.

Tonight is Tom's first night on the midnight shift. His shift started at 11pm and ends at 7am. What the Geeeeeeeeez? That means no sleep for my officer tonight. He will be rolling back to Club Crescent Cove around 8am and sleeping during the day. Our bedroom may as well be on the face of the sun in the morning it is a bright, hot mess. In order to block out the sunlight and prepare himself a place of slumber during the day my officer taped up foam poster board and lined it with tin foil. It may not look too pretty but it is a dark cave in here.

It may take some getting used to falling asleep alone for the next four weeks. (I like saying four weeks instead of a month... it sounds shorter to me.) Kali is laying at the foot of the bed and the cats are here by the pillows and somehow our queen sized bed seems like a California King. I am missing the hubs tonight. Night one... a little lonely. So friends, you may get a few more blog posts than normal. But if you don't hear from me in a few days, please call, I may not be able to tell the difference between day and night with these sunlight reflecting, tin foil and ghetto windows.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Have I told you how much I love my husband? I came home on my last day of school and found this note. Yes, inside that strong and silly man is a closet romantic...
He would deny it. But I have the proof :)
I am so excited to getaway with him. Northeast... here we come!
4 o'clock alarm will come early so I am off to bed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Long time... no blog. My apologies. Where have we been?
  • We have been celebrating summer! SWEET SUMMER! Today was the last day of school, my last first day! so the past few weeks have been filled with end of the year activities. Field day, splash day and Kindergarten graduation. I wish I could share a few pictures with you. The end of the year is so bittersweet for me, I am going to miss those Kinder babies so much. I did get a bit emotional talking about them moving on to first grade and how they were nervous. I know I will never forget my first class...
  • I have been adjusting to my new norm. My officer has been on the evening shift for the past few weeks so my nights have been filled with girly, reality TV shows and talking to the dog. Me and Kali... we've gotten close. There have been a few heart to heart conversations over the past month. I'm not going to lie. Sometimes it's lonely but I am finding new ways to keep busy. None of those ways include laundry or cleaning the apartment.
  • We have been loving the new car! It is our baby. I took it on the first roadtrip last weekend to Oklahoma.
  • For "The Blueberry's" first road trip we drove to Oklahoma to celebrate my girlfriend, Wendy's bachelorette party. It was so much fun to hang out for the weekend. We spent all day Saturday by the pool. I have the sunburn to prove it. My ghostly white skin could not handle the sunshine and the 15 spf failed to block the rays. I blame the high altitude rather than my bad judgement to use a low spf. The burn is in the itch like crazy stage. If the itch isn't enough the peeling screams stupidity. I put on my big girl panties, some heels and dress and headed out for the night. Going out with the girls was so much fun. I cannot wait for the wedding this July.
  • A week ago I started a crossfit fundamentals class. It has been one of the most challenging things I have done in a LONG time. But I am finding a strength I haven't seen in a long time. I am excited about working and getting stronger this summer and creating a new routine. I am loving it, but my muscles may tell you another story.

After last Memorial Day and our big news, Tom and I took a weekend to get away to talk about things and have time to our selves... remember we were living upstairs at his mom's house. Now "Away" wasn't too far away. We went to Dallas to stay at a hotel and have some time to ourselves. We were so happy, despite the crummy circumstances.

One year later we are about to go on another "Getaway" together... this time a little bit further away. My man friend and I are headed north to Pennsylvania and New York this weekend. My cousin is graduating from high school so we are going to help celebrate. Then my amazing aunt MB is treating us to a Yankees game! We are so excited to get away even if it will be a whirlwind weekend. Time alone, traveling with my best friend. It's a great way to start the summer off.

So I promise.... keep reading. I am hoping that now that summer is upon us and my life is a bit less hectic I will find more time to blog. Hopefully... maybe... I will try :)