Sunday, October 10, 2010

Athletic Calves and The Great Boot Hunt

I have never had skinny legs. After 15 + years of softball and a few years of laziness my legs are far from long and lean. I have always wanted a pair of tall boots. I long to wear a pair with the jeans tucked in.

Funny story... well not so funny for me. On one of my many trips to visit my aunt MB in New York I was set on finding a pair of boots I could squeeze my calves into. And so began the Great Boot Hunt in the Big Apple. Big Apple is right- I cannot tell you how long and far we walked through that great city in frigid weather to find me some boots. Every store we went into my sweet aunt would walk up to the shoe salesman on a mission. "We are looking for some boots for my niece." We would walk over to the rack full of skinny boots, none which my stumps would squeeze into. "My niece, well she has athletic calves..." God bless her. That trip we did find two pairs of boots to fit my athletic calves.

Well my old boots have heels and the new riding boot style has been on my mind since temperatures dropped below 90 here in the Great State. I told myself I would treat myself to a pair this fall but dreams of that dreaded Athletic Calved Boot Hunt of 2000 something haunted me. Much to my surprise during my Sunday Errands to Target with my seester I saw a pair that were out of my dreams.

My stomach cringed when I saw the skinny slender boots. I had flashes of zippers getting stuck halfway up my calf and my sister yanking on my leg to free my foot. Would my ATHLETIC CALVES fit into those beauties?!?

Well thanks to Crossfit and 5Ks I have NEW BOOTS BOOTS!!!!
Hello Lover..............
How cute is that red zipper down the back?
What's even better? I found them just in time for Kindergarten Picture Day! :) Now only if the weather would cool off a bit more.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My First 5K

This past Saturday I ran my first 5K run. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would do this. I HATE running!!! I loathe it... I always wanted to do it and it was a goal for me. But for years this was not possible for me until I started going to the crossfit gym. It has truly changed my life and brought Tom and I closer together as husband and wife. It meant so much that I ran my first 5K with my crossfit family.
Grapevine Crossfit

My sweet husband came to support me. Working the midnight shift 10pm-6am he had not gone to sleep but he insisted that he come to watch me run my first 5K. I am so glad that he did! I love him!
All the girls!
Sweet Amber... a great friend!
My goal was to 1st: FINISH and 2nd: not stop! I accomplised both of my goals. I ran the Grapevine Vineyard 5K in 30minutes and 48seconds. For one of the first times in my life I will say I am proud of myself. I am so glad that I accomplised something I set my mind to and with my new family.
I love my crossfit family!