Tuesday, July 27, 2010

While you were Sleeping...

After four weeks of the midnight shift my sleep schedule is all sorts of messed up. Although I am a natural night owl I was staying up even later when I was alone every night hanging out with Kali and the kitties. Now that I do not have a vampire for a husband anymore he has adjusted back to his normal hours of slumber but I am having a bit more trouble heading into the cave around 9 pm. Three weeks ago 9 PM was when I was kissing him goodbye and my nights started. So needless to say I am wide awake and it is 1 AM. Good grief...

I will usually lay in bed until my sweet begins to snore, then I tip toe into the living room avoiding the creaky spots on the floor. I would be bored but good thing I have one million and one blogs to stalk, new recipes to meal plan with, facebook to creep on, pictures to post, Eat Pray Love to read and now that Big Brother is back on... well the reading has taken a back seat.

I have also been getting REALLY excited about our new rental house. Our lease starts on September 1st but if everything goes smoothly we may be moving in the middle of August. I am crossing my fingers for an early move in so we can be settled by the time the first day of school comes around.

This is her... our first home.
She may be an oldie but she sure is a goodie!

** Don't judge the picture quality. I was the papparazi. I had to do a quick drive by picture.. I couldn't have my new neighbors thinking I was crazy before they meet me. **
Between episodes of Big Brother and resting my eyes from blog stalking, I have created a list:
"The Top Reasons I Am Excited to Move Out of an Apartment and into a House"
1. Neighbors.... No more big foot upstairs walking around in high heels or crazy children bouncing basketballs all hours of the day. No more crazy neighbors yelling at me for not having our dog on the leash or carrying a Poop bag 24/7.
2. After my love/hate relationship with the XBox I will not be sad to see that white little box banished to the man cave. Goodbye little nine year olds cursing at my husband during a quick game of Halo.
3. Speaking of the Man Cave... I am excited that my husband will finally have a place to display his shrine of memorabilia from Texas A&M. The duck painting hanging above our love seat may migrate its way into the man room as well :)
4. We will have our own trashcan!!! It's the little things friends. In our huge apartment complex we have to walk like 5 miles to throw our trash in the dumpster. Two dumpsters... in our whole complex. Not okay! Now I may be exaggerating but I am excited to be able to walk out the front door to that big blue trashcan.
5. We will have a HUGE backyard!!! With a tire swing! Yeah... did I forget to mention the tire swing. Forget the fact that I wanna puke even thinking about going for a spin on said swing, but we have one... in our backyard! With a built in stone grill and a fountain. I have big plans for this yard. BBQs (with shish kabobs, Ive had a weird obsession with them lately), flowers and lots of get-togethers with friends.
6. A backyard is exciting enough to have 2 reasons. Kali will have a yard to run and play in. Although pooper scooping comes with this amenity, I am so excited to just open the door to let her out instead of 5 plus walks a day. Does this make me lazy? Kali is quite excited!
7. Redecorating! (Insert holy angels singing...) Hallelujah! My late night blog stalking has sparked some inspiration. I cannot wait to move all of our things from a small 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom with two living areas. I am excited to decorate our first real home, just the way I want. (I'm already looking up the local thrift stores in our new town... shhhhh).

To be continued... Big Brother just came back on! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

This past weekend we celebrated as Wendy and Daniel were married! Before the celebration I was able to throw a bridal shower for the beautiful bride. One of my close friends, Wendy. This is her on the right with her step mom and sister, the maid of honor. Isn't she the cutest?

The theme was Something Blue. On the menu... homemade Sonic Ocean Water (with a little something extra :) and taco salads. Wendy's favorite food is Mexican so it just seemed appropriate.

I was beyond excited to finally display all my steals from Goodwill and CCA that I had been collecting for way too long...
Isn't my friend beautiful?

Yes... the shoes made their appearance
Cupcakes... yes please! :)

I can't tell you how long it had been since I bit into one of these little goodies.

I love that this has become a tradition among us friends, and I love Wendolyn's expression.
Look at those ribbon bouquet making skills.
Love these girls! :)
Lovely ladies in Blue! Celebrating with a beautiful friend!

P.S. On a way random note... how long has it been since you've watched Fern Gully? I am right now. I have some mixed feelings now about it being a kid's movie. And am feeling a bit guilty. I may need to plant a tree tomorrow. The End....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Living with a Boy Part Dos

In what crazy world do cookbooks and bullets belong on the same shelf? This is what I found when I was cleaning out the linen closet in our guest bathroom. I was obviously unaware my husband was housing a small arsenal in the closet....
Just another reason I am excited to move into a house, so the bullets and cookbooks can be housed in separate locations :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Christmas in July

Tomorrow morning I should be snuggling with my sweet husband on Saturday morning but instead, at 8 AM I will be at Hallmark's Christmas Ornament Premiere. Your question: Wait, it is July isn't it? Yes you would be correct! Way too early, no matter how much you love Christmas. It should be a sin to mouth the word ornament when it is 100 degrees outside in Texas.

And 8 AM? Way too early. There are not enough cups of coffee in the world that will make Christmas music okay that early in the morning. And I LOVE Christmas music! There may already be a group of Crazy Ornament Ladies already camping out... I would not be surprised. Okay, I take that back I may be known to stalk the CCA and Goodwill employees until they open the doors to catch the "killer" bargains. But that is besides the point... My apologies Crazy Ornament Ladies, I understand.

So tomorrow I will put on my red polo, way too early in the morning, and be greeted by Christmas carols and ornament collectors. All kidding aside, I am very curious and maybe a bit excited about Ornament Premiere and I am just hoping my hoarding tendencies go into hiding because 40% off all ornaments sounds pretty appealing. Who can resist a sale? :) Happy Ornamenting!

P.S. More exciting news. We are putting down a deposit on the rental house! September 1st cannot come soon enough!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My washing machine just spun the under wire out of my bra....
Pretty powerful if you ask me!
That's all.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hunting for Houses

My apologies about the lack of posts. (I was doing so good...) We've been house hunting! Our apartment lease just ended at the beginning of this month and as much as we love Club Crescent Cove another bedroom and a backyard for our fur baby just sounds too good to be true. We've been looking for the past week or so and found somethings we love in a house, like a pool, but another part of the house, like a minuscule bedroom, ruins it. Quite frustrating.

Today, we may have found a place to call home! I am so excited. It's kind of in the middle. A little bit further for me. But for the past 9 months I have been spoiled with a 5 minute drive while my officer sat in rush hour traffic every night. So I am willing to compromise. Especially for this house.

Just a few of the good things to come... a huge backyard, with a brick porch and built in grill... flower beds- there will be flowers... 3 bedrooms... a MASSIVE man cave for my husband... which leaves a whole scrap booking/ craft / creating room!!!! I am stoked, to say the least! (There is a bit of wood paneling in the living room, but the craft room allows me to look past a few wooden boards.)

No pictures, I was too busy walking around with my jaw open. We are in the process of filling out the application and the nitty gritty but I am so excited!!!! So we may only have a month and a half left of apartment life. For now I will enjoy tripping over my laundry and squeezing into our two bedroom. We are crossing our fingers for smooth sailing in the next few days.