Monday, February 27, 2012

A Defining Moment

Okay by the title of this post you my have thought there was going to be some profound post but let me assure you this is just the opposite.

So I took this picture of myself right after I died my hair to surprise the hubs. Well needless to say I DID NOT send it due the huge bags under my eyes. An 11 oclock dye job on a Friday following a week long adventure in Kindergarten will do that to you folks.... And staring back at me were the dreaded forehead lines.

Don't act like you don't see them....
It's not just my mid twenties catching up with me, I have had these babies for a while. I show A LOT of emotion in my face. Truly, I have my eyebrows lifted 99% of the day... and it shows! Well this picture was the final straw.... I did it.

I bought my first bottle of anti wrinkle cream. Eeeek!

This is the defining moment I speak of. And my question to Tom, "Can you tell a difference?" And his response.... "Well they don't look as deep!" Ouch! Well I guess I set myself up for this one.

Happy Aging Folks! I will just say that they prove I am a happy person.

(Two posts in the past week... I know. This week's fast is from TV and Movies. So there may be more :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Favorite Things

Hola! No time, no posts...

I promise I will get better one of these days again.

I would like to say that our lives have been so busy and filled with lifechanging events to catch you on... but I would only be lying. The truth would really be my life has been filled with night of scrolling mindlessly through pinterest and eating cocoa covered almonds!

Which leads me to a few of my favorite things. (Really just an easy post to get me back in the blogging world... so bare with me. :)

1. What is up with this Texas weather?!? 80 degrees in the middle of February? Now I absolutely LOVE being able to workout in shorts again but if you remember this time last year we were living through Snowmageddon 2011. A week off from school would be so nice! The beautiful weather may be a curse for this housewife this weekend. The words "cleaning out the garage" have been thrown around.

2. I really have found a new love. COCOA COVERED ALMONDS. Now, I usually avoid the bulk aisles at Sprouts... yeah you know what I'm talking about the barrells of pure goodness! Most of them are filled with little to nothing Paleo friendly so I try to steer clear. But after my first day of fasting through lunch, my cart made its way down that aisle on Monday. I stumbled upon COCOA COVERED ALMONDS! I think angels sang when I popped one of those stinkers in my mouth. You really should treat yourself.

3. I may have a crossfit girl crush. Juli from PaleOMG is so stinkin' funny! Her ability to rock an awesome headband and love for nut butter is purely amazing! I so badly wish my head was shaped to hold onto a workout headband like her. This girl is an amazing athlete and makes delicious mouthwatering paleo recipes. You will never know you are eating healthy food. She is histerical and I may have facebook friended her and I have never met her. But the good news is she accepted.... haha. Go check her out!

4. PINTEREST! Ohmygoodness. Since they accepted my request this summer I have been mildly obsessed with Pinterest! I mean I reference its name multiple times in conversations throughout the day. I definitely have a problem... but you can find anything on here. I am getting some great ideas for my Kinderbabies on here. Week 3 of Lent at our church calls for fasting from social networking. This will definitely be harder than this week of no lunch. How sad Katie.

4. Take a look at this little pretty!

I got her after my last $6 purse fell in the rain puddle when the strap snapped. Yes, that was fun. But on my next excursion to Target later that day :) I found her! It just screams Spring. I love it! I know Spring isn't here yet but with this weather it might as well should be.

P.S. I'm no longer a blonde! Now Tom would tell you, no amount of hair dye would change that but I beg to differ. I finally got brave and box died my hair. I needed a change... this is what I got. Light brown for me means red! I like it.

Love y'all!