Friday, November 29, 2013

One Year

Where did this past year go?!? My sweet squishy baby is now one year old (plus a week or two…) 
When I think back on the past year it has been some of the sweetest memories of my life. Tom and I have been blessed with a happy and healthy little girl. Our day in and day outs have changed dramatically. Tom pulled out his winter jacket for the first time last week and told me a monkey rattle fell out of the arm hole. You know you're a parent when… He said he just smiled. 

Brynn Marie you are the light of my life. Your spirit is oh so sweet! You are so brave and courageous. You don't fear a thing… trouble for the future? Nose dives off the couch and head first down your slide. But then there are moments where the shyness shows and I am reminded you are just a one year old. Your daddy and I both think you are advanced beyond your one year old self.. 

You love just about everyone, but you definitely have your favorites. You may reach for your momma, but you get the biggest smile on your face for your daddy. I love running to the door with you when we hear his truck so I can see the shear joy on your face when you see him through the glass door. You adore him. 

But I think you're a momma's girl… and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love walking in to get you in the mornings and see how you light up. You are so chatty. You are talking so much more and I can understand more of your words each day. Your babble has always had meaning and I love that I am understanding what you are saying, and so do you. Some words you can "say" are:  Dada, Mama, dog,  ball, baby, snack, uh oh, oh no… PRECIOUS! 

Lately you've been a little snuggle bug and it melts my heart. Since we freed you from your swaddle, you've been a independent baby wanting to stretch out. In the past few weeks before nap and bedtime we've had a few snuggle sessions. Last week while I was rocking you, your eyes locked with mine and you didn't break the gaze for literally 15 minutes. I felt like your brown eyes were staring into my soul. Oh little lady, I pray that you could see the love I have for you. It was the sweetest time just looking at you and praying for the girl you will grow into. 

As you reach each milestone, more of your personality begins to show. We are learning your likes and dislikes and what your enjoy. Your daddy and I always talk about what you will be like when you grow up. We imagine what sports you'll play (because that's a given…) and what you will enjoy. All I wish and pray for is that you love the Lord and find people & things you enjoy. I hope the joy you have now is the same spirit you will have always. PURE joy… 

In the past year the Lord had taught me so much about selfless love and showed me how selfish  I was before. Friday nights out with the girls have been a memory but when I find one of your strawberry puffs mashed to my shirt, I know I wouldn't have it any other way. There is nothing like being a parent that will open your eyes and show you a glimpse of how big God's love is for us. Each night I just stare at you baby girl, and I am amazed that if I can love you this much, how big is God's love for you?!? You are not mine, you are His. And I will love you with open hands. 

Parenting is hard…. Tom and I had to say it out loud the other night. It has stretched us, challenged us and brought us to our knees but in the end I am proud of us. All 3 of us. My family. The family that I have dreamed of for so many years. There is so much love in this home and I feel abundantly blessed to  be your mommy Brynn Marie. 

Thank you for making my dream a reality. I love you big girl! 

You are my everything.

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