Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas from Us

I know, I am a bad blogger but I have been enjoying my Christmas Break way too much! I can't believe our first Christmas as newlyweds has come and gone. I loved typing up our first Christmas letter for friends and family and creating our first Christmas card. It may have been a bit late... and some may or may not be sitting on our desk waiting for a few more addresses, but I blame my dad. I think I inherited this trait from him, the Farrell Christmas letter sometimes turns into a Valentine's letter. I love you Daddo! But I love the fact that now we will have a Christmas letter and card for each year. I bought a small scrapbook to keep our family Christmas cards and letters in. It will be a great way to preserve these memories!
Here is our FIRST Christmas card!

The Christmas season was good to our families. No clash of the holidays yet.... on Christmas Eve we celebrate Christmas Eve with the Hruskocy family and on Christmas Day with the Farrells. We were both so excited to give each other the presents to one another we decided to do it before heading to Tom's moms house.
Here are the amazing Sperry's I have been wanting from my sweet, sweet husband. I was so excited!!!

I gave my hubby a Tom Tom GPS, here he is using it on the way to his mom's house.
For Christmas Eve both of my sister in laws and their families come over to Tom's moms house and we feast and open presents. With so many people there, there are presents everywhere. It's so fun to see our nieces and nephews and how excited they get.

Here is Meemaw and our sweet nieces and nephews!
We had a Christmas surprise.... SNOW! It even stuck on the ground. We had a white Christmas!! It was a bit icy leaving to go home Christmas Eve. This was the first Christmas since I moved here in Kindergarten that we have had a white Christmas!

We had a lazy Christmas day. We opened presents that morning and lounged around in our matching PJs. My dad and Tom weren't excited as me, Megan and my mom were :)

Tom showing off his police belt!
Seester, Seester!
Our family's first Christmas! :)
Along with our white Christmas we had another Christmas miracle. My man friend laid down the law and made me clean out my little Honda's trunk. I am embarrassed to say that it has looked like this for.............. WAY TOO LONG! (Before our wedding. March will be one year! YIKES!)
Do you see that?!? Yes its a shelf...
Deep, deep down beneath the mounds of blankets, clothes, shoes I found my straightener. I thought I left in Cancun on our honeymoon and my mom got me one for Christmas. The day after Christmas is when I cleaned the trunk... Woopsie Daisies! Here is the treasure I found. I think the Honda will get better gas mileage now. It was a true Christmas miracle.
We hope the Holiday season brought many blessings to your family... we love you!

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